Planning For Pandemic Influenza Video Presentation

The video is an abridged version of a presentation made by the Pandemic Planning Team to Housing and Dining Services supervisors in summer 2006; at that time, it focused on a possible avian, or H5N1, pandemic. However, the planning information is applicable to all pandemic planning. It discusses a number of questions about pandemic flu such as:

  • What is pandemic flu?
  • How might a pandemic affect us at Colorado State University?
  • How can we prepare for our families and homes?
  • How can we prepare at our jobs?
  • What is Colorado State University doing to prepare for a possible pandemic?

We have developed this streaming video to help you, as individuals and as part of the Colorado State University community, to be informed about and to be prepared for a pandemic. The video does not intend to scare you, but simply to get you ready for this, and any future, emergency.

Important Video Follow-Up

Congratulations! Thinking about planning for a flu pandemic is an important first step. But don’t stop here – you now need to start making specific plans for yourself and your family. As a Colorado State University employee, you may also be involved in developing a plan for your department or unit. If you are, or if you just want to see how your department may tackle its plan, use the links below to access more information including planning documents and information about taking care of yourself and your family.