Both Larimer County and Colorado now have “stay at home” orders in place. These orders were implemented to make sure everyone is doing their part to stop the spread of the new coronavirus.  (See the full text of the Larimer County and Colorado orders)

How do you interpret the orders? This quick guide will help.

Where can you go and what activities are allowed?

When you can leave your home

For health and safety

  • Get groceries, toiletries, and other goods from grocery stores, drug stores and other stores such as Target and Walmart
  • Pick up prescriptions and goods from a pharmacy
  • Go to your doctor or take a pet to a veterinarian
  • Pick up to-go meals from restaurants
  • Get pet food or medications
  • Go to your bank
  • Receive deliveries from the post office, restaurants, mail and package delivery services, grocery stores
  • Get supplies to work from home
  • Get your car services or get gas

To care for someone else or someone else’s pet

  • Care for a friend, family member, neighbor
  • Deliver groceries, medications, toiletries and other items to someone
  • To care for a pet at another location

To get outside

  • Go outside and ride your bike, go for a walk, hike, walk your dog. Just say 6 feet away from others

Go to work

  • Go to work if you work for a location that is allowed to be open.
  • This includes individuals who have already been identified by the university as performing essential, in-person duties.

What you should not do

  • Go to work, unless you work for a business that is exempt from the order, such as the university, a grocery store, bank
  • Visit or hang out with friends and family unless you are helping care for them or with an urgent need
  • Police along the Front Range are not pulling over vehicles to enforce these orders (see public safety warning about police impersonators)

How is a stay at home order different from social distancing?

A stay at home order means you should stay home unless it is necessary to leave. Do not gather in groups. And, practice social distancing, which means staying at least six feet from someone.

March 25