From: Miranda,Rick
Sent: Friday, April 10, 2020
Subject: Extension of the Tenure Clock for Pre-Tenure Faculty

Dear Colleagues,

We know this is a difficult time with great uncertainty. However, we can create some certainty about the tenure clock for those of you who are pre-tenure. In light of the disruption the COVID-19 crisis has placed on everyone’s ability to advance their scholarship, and the likely ongoing disruption into the near future, we are extending the tenure clock for all tenure-track Assistant Professors by one year.  All such assistant professors are given the ability to opt out of the extension if they desire; they should consult with their chair and P&T committee on that decision, which may be affected by the timing of this crisis relative to the faculty member’s progress toward tenure.

Specific details of this change include:

  • We give all pre-tenure faculty an automatic one year extension of the tenure clock.
  • We allow all such faculty to opt out and apply for promotion and tenure on time without the extension.
  • Faculty may opt out of the extension at any time before the year of the promotion review.
  • If a faculty member does opt out, the case will be considered on time and not ‘early’; we generally require a much higher bar for early cases, and we would not require that in these cases.
  • Faculty who do take advantage of the extension will be expected to satisfy normal tenure criteria, not any additional or higher criteria related to the longer time period.

Given the stress associated with moving classes to online and navigating a world of shelter-in-place, we believe this policy will remove an unnecessary layer of anxiety.


Rick Miranda, Provost and Executive Vice President
Dan Bush, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs