Human Resources has added a new pay code to TimeClock Plus, “Admin Leave – Pandemic.”

This should only be used for employees who are unable to work remotely or have no work available.  The pay code can only be entered on an employee time record by supervisors or the Department HR role. We would like to clarify some points on the usage of this code.

All employees who track time in TimeClock Plus. This includes students who are non-work study and work study employees.

The existing “Admin Leave” (versus Admin Leave – Pandemic) job code should be used for employee absences related to an employee who has symptoms, a diagnosis, or has been asked to self-quarantine related to COVID-19. Employees who are not feeling well and who are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 should call their health care provider.

No, if an employee has sufficient work that can be performed from home but is unable to work for other reasons, other leave codes should be used as appropriate, such as sick or annual leave.

The employee’s hours work should be tracked using the assignment job code as usual, and any additional hours required to get them to their regular schedule or average for the semester should be entered as Admin Leave – Pandemic.

Payments for the new pay code will be charged to the assignment’s labor distribution as defined in Oracle. If all distribution percentages are set to zero, the payment will be charged to the department’s default account. There is no method of choosing particular projects for the pay code.

No, hours on standard assignment job codes must only be used for work actually performed, because the University is closely tracking data on paying employees while they are not working. Please change segments like these to the “Admin Leave – Pandemic” job code immediately.

By default, hours entered on the Admin Leave – Pandemic pay code will be applied to the employee’s primary assignment. If an employee has multiple assignments, and hours should be distributed amongst them, please create a separate TimeClock Plus entry for each of the amounts and enter the assignment number (and only the assignment number) in the Note field:


This will result in the employee having conflicting (orange) segments. This is not a problem and will not prevent all of the payments from being made.

Please approve all segments after creating them.