The current status of the university is remote and virtual; offices and buildings are closed, per public health orders. Once public health orders change the Pandemic Planning Team must still approve the return to work on any campus. Most operations will remain online and virtual and will not be approved to return to a campus at this time.

Once you are authorized to return to work in person, you will be required to monitor for COVID symptoms each day before you arrive on campus, or as you arrive on campus before you enter any university space or begin performing in-person duties.

Employees not currently working on a university campus

You will receive an automated message regarding your unit Kauli checklist approval, but this does not mean you are authorized to return to work. This is one step in the approval process but you should not return to campus at this step.

The Pandemic Planning Team may also take additional steps before you are authorized to return. Once those steps are completed, you will receive authorization from the Pandemic Planning Team via an email through your supervisor. This direct communication will then indicated that you have completed everything authorizing work to resume in person. Research project requests may require additional authorizations such as building access, travel, and regulatory compliance.

When you are on university grounds you must comply with all public health orders, including wearing a mask if you are near others or sharing a closed space.

Employees already working on a campus performing critical tasks

If you have been reporting to work to perform tasks on university grounds, you are required to report your symptoms daily before you arrive on university grounds or before you begin interacting with others or performing those duties.

Employees who are conducting field work or working off campus but not from home (such as working in a satellite office, an outreach office, or conducting research away from university grounds) must also submit this screening each day they work.

Results of this form are sent to employee supervisors if they have symptoms. If symptoms are not present, the supervisor receives only a notification that the form has been completed. Individuals who have symptoms are provided with health advice and should contact their medical provider if they do not feel well.

This symptom checker is required by the Governor’s executive order for the university to allow individuals to resume work on university grounds.

You must also complete this acknowledgement form (not required daily, but required to be completed once) COVID Employee and Student Acknowledgement Form.

When you are on university grounds, do not prop open doorways into buildings or onto floors, wings or office or laboratory spaces.

More information about returning to work is available at these FAQs

Return to work FAQs (Spanish version)