Statement: Red Flag Law petition filed regarding CSUPD officer

Jan 15, 2019

The following is a statement regarding a Red Flag Law petition being filed by Susan Holmes on January 9, 2020, pertaining to CSUPD Cpl. Phil Morris.


Colorado State University Police Department Cpl. Morris is not on leave and continues to serve in his capacity as a peace officer at CSU, and continues to lawfully carry his weapons. He does not share a child with Susan Holmes.

Colorado State University does not share whether an employee has been subject to disciplinary action, because that is confidential personnel information.

In 2017, District Attorney Cliff Riedel’s office investigated the incident related to Mr. Holmes and determined that Corporal Morris was justified in his actions and, in fact, took numerous steps to try to deescalate the situation.

Colorado State University believes the DA letter outlining that decision letter speaks for itself. Cpl. Morris’s service to our community as an officer since January of 2012 has been consistently honorable and professional.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Colorado State University Police Department has posted below the 9-1-1 audio call from July 1, 2017, regarding Jeremy Holmes, as well as the Colorado State University Police Department body-camera footage and the Fort Collins Police Services body camera footage of the officer-involved shooting. The Fort Collins Police Services officer’s body cam footage was posted with the permission of Fort Collins Police Services. Both of these videos have been redacted by police to blur faces and graphic content.