For information about the university’s response to COVID-19, please see The plan outlined on this page is not the university’s pandemic response plan, and does not apply to COVID-19 response.

Colorado State University organizes, coordinates, and directs resources to effectively respond to, and recover from, disasters and emergencies.

The effectiveness of this effort is dependent upon this comprehensive central plan and individual unit plans. Colleges, divisions and individual departments collaborate, through the Building Proctor system, to develop detailed building safety plans consistent with this institutional emergency response plan.

Download the Plan

PDF of Emergency Response Plan

This plan establishes a chain of command outlining authority and responsibilities of campus officials and staff following the National Incident Management System and Incident Command System models and using an all-hazards approach. As developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the concept of an all-hazards plan assumes that planning considers all hazards and threats. While the causes of emergencies can vary greatly, many of the effects do not.

Deans, department heads and directors

Deans, department heads and directors have specific emergency planning and response responsibilities for their areas. The following Emergency Response Plan annex and appendix outline those roles and responsibilities.