What is sexual assault? Sexual assault is any sexual contact such as touching a person or any involuntary sexual contact with a person who has not explicitly consented to the acts, or who has been threatened, coerced, or forced to engage in the contact against his or her will. This includes attempted rape, rape, touching, groping, kissing, sexual abuse, or torture in a sexual manner. Submission because of fear is not consent.

At Colorado State University, most students who experience sexual assault are assaulted by someone they know. Sexual assault is an act of power and control. Sexual assault is not an expression of love, passion or sexual desire, and it is not the victim’s fault. Sexual activity without consent equals assault. Once consent is given, it can be withdrawn at any point. Consent is a clear yes with actions and words, and the absence of “no” is not consent. Consent must be given without coercion or force, with the knowledge of what is happenings. Someone under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the extent that they cannot make decisions cannot give consent. Intoxication can increase the risk of sexual assault; only a sober person is capable of giving consent or understanding when clear consent is given or not given. In all situations, be aware of your surroundings and the people you are with, and leave a situation if it is making you uncomfortable.

If you are a member of the Colorado State University family and need support or more information, visit http://wgac.colostate.edu/sexual-assault.

For additional information about reducing your risk and the forms of sexual assault, visit http://www.rainn.org/get-information/sexual-assault-prevention.

Colorado State University offers resources for students and employees who have been sexually assaulted.

Resources for Students

Students receive support services that are paid for by student fees.

  • Women and Gender Advocacy Center provides confidential resources to students including academic, medical, and emotional support. Call 970-491-6384 during business hours Monday-Friday.
  • CSU student Victim’s Assistance Team is provided by the Women and Gender Advocacy Center, this team responds 24/7 to assault victims and their families and provides confidential support. Call 970-492-4242 and ask to speak with an advocate.
  • CSU Health Network provides confidential medical and emotional support services to students.
    • Counseling Services: (970) 491-6053
    • Women’s Clinic: (970) 491-1754
    • Men’s Clinic: (970) 491-7121
    • Medical Clinic: (970) 491-7121
  • Student Case Management helps students who are in crisis or experiencing difficulties for medical, mental health, personal or family reasons. Call 970-491-8051 during business hours Monday-Friday.
  • Emergency response: Call 911 from any location on or off campus.

Resources for Employees

  • Employee Assistance Program is a no-cost, confidential service available by phone 24/7 with connections to local resources including licensed psychotherapists. Call 800-497-9133.
  • Office of Equal Opportunity receives reports on behalf of the university from any employee who believes she or he may be the victim of sexual harassment, sexual violence or sexual assault. Any faculty or staff who receive reports of sexual harassment, sexual violence or sexual assault regarding an employee should contact the Office of Equal Opportunity. Call 970-491-5836.

Non-university Resources for Students and Employees