The Emergency Text Alert System is used to send alerts in the event of an emergency on the Fort Collins campus. The system is only used during a safety emergency on the physical grounds of campus or unexpected closing of the campus, such as a snow day.

Alerts are sent when there is an ongoing emergency on campus or near campus that presents a threat to the safety of campus. Other situations that may prompt an alerts is when an incident occurs off campus but near the university, and the threat may be moving toward the university (such as a suspect). If a situation is quickly resolved (a suspect is arrested, for example), no alerts are sent. Alerts are not sent by the university for incidents in the larger Fort Collins community. LETA is a local alert system for off campus incidents used by Fort Collins and Larimer County Sheriff’s Office.



Students can subscribe to receive emergency text message alerts through RAMweb. After logging into RAMweb using your eID, click the Manage My Student Record link under the Records section.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff can subscribe to receive emergency text message alerts through AAR (Administrative Applications and Resources). After logging into AAR using your eID, click the Emergency Text Alerts link on the right-hand navigation under the Quick Applications section.

Updating / Unsubscribing

Participants are responsible for keeping information up to date.

The system and the university do not keep track of subscribers’ physical locations. Faculty on sabbatical, students who are away on semester abroad, for a holiday or spring break, or any other subscriber who is out of the area, will continue receiving RAVE alerts until they unsubscribe via using the links above.

Larimer Emergency Telephone Authority emergency alerts

Larimer Emergency Telephone Authority (LETA) allows you to receive alerts about off-campus emergencies and other important community news via your home, cell, or business phone, email, text messages, hearing impaired receiving devices, and more. CSU will begin using the LETA system for emergency alerts in August 2023.

Alerts may be issued to the entire university community through the Everbridge notification system, which is supported by the LETA but activated for CSU-related emergencies by CSU personnel. This system issues email notifications to all CSU affiliates who maintain an email address. Cell phone notifications are made to affiliates who have opted in. You can sign up for LETA alerts at this page: More information / sign up