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Rocky Mountain Showdown and Fall Safety

Dear students,

Each fall, we send students a reminder about safety, as well as information from Denver Police regarding the Rocky Mountain Showdown. Many of us are excited to cheer on the Rams Friday as CSU takes on CU at the Rocky Mountsin Showdown at Mile High Stadium in Denver. The Showdown can be a great time to show team spirit in this intense on-field rivalry.

While we want you to have fun and cheer for the Rams we also want to make sure students stay safe and act responsibly.

Be safe

Remember, Rams take care of Rams, so please take care of yourselves and others. Make sure someone knows where you’ll be and who you’ll be with. Trust your instincts. When you feel uneasy, get out of the situation immediately and help friends who may be in unsafe situations.

Call 911 if you see something that doesn’t seem right, or if you think you or someone else is in danger.

Ask for help if you are concerned that a friend has had too much to drink. Call 911 if a friend:

  • Cannot be roused and is unresponsive to your voice, shaking, or pinching
  • Has skin that is cold, clammy, pale, bluish, or blotchy
  • Has shallow, irregular breathing (more than 10 seconds between breaths) or slow (8 or fewer breaths per minute)
  • Exhibits mental confusion, stupor, or coma-like symptoms
  • Has seizures, convulsions, or rigid spasms
  • Vomits while asleep or unconscious and is not awakened by it

Party registration

If you are hosting a party in town, use the community party registration system. You can sign up to get a phone call from Fort Collins police if neighbors complain about the party before police visit your home and issue a ticket. This can help you avoid a $1,000 fine and misdemeanor noise violation charge. More information about the party registration program is here.

If your party starts to get out of hand, call the police. And remember that supplying underage people with alcohol can result in serious consequences for party hosts. You also are subject to a nuisance gathering ordinance violation if a guest or guests leave your gathering and cause property damage (examples – trash and litter, public urination and vandalism). The fine for a party host ranges up to $1,000.

If you are attending a party that appears to be escalating into something bad, leave the area, and again, take care of one another.

Rocky Mountain Showdown

We know CSU students have excellent character. You all are familiar with the CSU Principles of Community. For many years now, Denver Police have asked us to sign a joint letter with their agency and CU police, and to share information about stadium rules (such as their policies about what you can and cannot bring into the game), and their special focus on fan safety related to alcohol consumption. That communication to students from both universities is here.

Thanks for doing your part to make CSU a great place. From time to time, members of our university community will send you emails about general safety or specific safety alerts. Please watch your email for those messages.

Your actions have impact: make your actions a statement that you’re proud to be a CSU Ram!


Thank you,

Chief Scott Harris, Colorado State University Police Department

Jody Donovan, Dean of Students

(email sent to all students on Thursday, Aug. 30)

Sign Up for Emergency Alerts

The CSU Emergency Text Alert System is used to send text alerts in the event of an emergency on the Colorado State University Fort Collins campus. The system is only used during an immediate, ongoing safety emergency or unexpected closing of the campus. Sign up now

Report a Concern

  • Emergencies: Call 9-1-1 immediately.
  • Non-emergencies: Contact CSUPD Phone: (970) 491-6425
  • Tell Someone if you are concerned about a student or an employee’s mental health and safety.

Reported Bias Incidents

Oct. 1: Two separate incidents of discriminatory bias were reported when someone wrote homophobic and body-shaming phrases and drew phallic graphics on the white board on a door. Read more.

University communications during an emergency

The university uses various communications vehicles during an emergency, and to communicate about general safety advice. More information.