Update on CSU public safety collaboration for Election Day

Friday, Oct. 30, 2020

Dear University Community,

The Colorado State University Public Safety Team and CSUPD have been working with a broad base of local stakeholders to prepare and plan for Election Day, Nov. 3. Partners from both the university and community are collaborating daily to ensure safety protocols are in place to support the operations of our campuses before, during and after Election Day.

On Main Campus, this is grounded in the extensive work that has been done — particularly in SLiCE (http://www.civicengagement.colostate.edu/) and the College of Liberal Arts (https://www.libarts.colostate.edu/classroom-climate/) to promote positive civic engagement and offer guidance on how to productively participate in challenging conversations.

In recent weeks, leaders from units across the university, including the Division of Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Human Resources, the President’s Office, and the CSU Police Department have discussed what resources our students, faculty, and staff will need both before and following the election. These resources have been shared and will continue to be available, and will be updated and expanded as needed.

For Tuesday, Nov. 3 specifically, CSUPD has engaged SafeWalk volunteers and is partnering with Fort Collins Police Services to provide resources and support needed and to prepare for a range of situations. During any emergency, you may call or text 9-1-1 from any location in the county. If you are on a CSU campus, immediately tell the dispatcher to ensure you are connected with CSUPD as quickly as possible.

To report general questions about election polling sites, contact the Larimer County Clerk and Recorder’s office at 970-498-7852.

“CSU and CSUPD are committed to ensuring each person has the ability to exercise their right to vote, and – like each day – we work to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors through collaboration with and support from several campus offices and civic partners,” said Wendy Rich-Goldschmidt, interim executive director for campus safety and security.

We are incredibly proud of the way our CSU community has responded to the COVID-19 challenges: with resilience and by truly embodying our Principles of Community. We are confident that our community will call on those same strengths in the coming days and weeks. The safety and wellbeing of all students, faculty, staff and visitors is now, as always, our top priority.

Thank you,

The Public Safety Team and CSUPD